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Sweet Valley Herbs was started in 1992 out of a desire to learn more natural methods of healing.  A few years prior to this time I was witness to how effective herbs & nutrition can be to rout out stubborn illness & prevent many others.  I began slowly implementing these natural ways when our children were still quite young.  We were able to stop persistent ear infections in our youngest son (garlic-phew!) & began to be more careful what they consumed and doctor visits virtually stopped.  Yes we did do vaccination shots (since then we learned there are alternatives) and there were occasional accidents that needed stitches etc...We found that a few "chosen" herbs used well could go a long way to aide staying well.  We appreciate our doctors and hospitals when needed but don't really care to visit either all that often!!  I began reading, taking courses & learning how to make effective herbal medicines and found great enjoyment in doing so.  I developed the "Original Healing Salve" from a basic salve making class that was put on by Master Herbalist Stephen Horne.  I was so excited about it and wanted to share it & couldn't hardly give away those first few jars!  We were impressed with all the ways to use a basic healing salve, it's pain relieving and fast healing qualities, even if no one else was.  Husband Mel, has always been my greatest support and best friend.  He always believed in me & thought what I felt inclined to do was important.  I know many people can feel great relief from doing simple things.  Nutrition, less stress lifestyle, a few good herbs and gratitude to the one who allows us our life will go a long way in relieving and many times eliminating the discomforts we all share in this life.

Linda Bromgard

Phone: 208-781-0415/Linda
Monday~Friday 8:30 to 6:30
Saturday ~ 10:00 to 6:00
Sunday ~ 10:00 to 5:00
Linda Bromgard ~ Owner
Grandchildren - they grow up so fast!
Some of the menagerie on our small family farm.
My faithful assistant - snoozing on the job.
My husband Mel.