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As I sit here in my easy chair and feel the warmth of the Cayenne Mint Rub over my shoulders, feet, back, and knees the one word that comes to my mind is gratitude. I have had many surgeries over the last four years and they have taken a toll.  With your product I am able to feel reasonably well most of the time. Thank you again for your products and the obvious care with which they are made!
David C. Wilson

When my mother had a stroke, she had a terrible bleeding diaper rash.  The hospital tried everything they had.  We snuck in the Sweet Valley Herbs Healing Salve  and treated her all night.  By morning, her rash was so improved that the hospital put their own pharmacy label on it and all the nurses were instructed to only use the Sweet Valley Herbs Original Healing Salve on the sores!
Pat ~ Meridian, Idaho

My name is Kerry Ohlinger and I have plaque Psoriasis.  I wanted to tell you about a great product I have experienced. I have had Psoriasis for three years now and nothing has worked for me.  I didn't want to take the dangerous drugs that dermatology put on the market today so a good friend told me about Sweet Valley Herbs.  Once I tried it for a week, morning and night, I got instant relief.  No more burning or itching.  I have been using this excellent product for three months now and my legs are clear again so I can wear shorts again in summertime.  Thank you for reading and listening to how this product can help you!
Sincerely,  Kerry Ohlinger
To whom it may concern: My first experience with using Sweet Valley Herbs Healing Salve was approximately 10 years ago. One of Linda's neighbors gave me a container of it, and told me it was good for cuts, bruises, rashes and many other skin problems.  It is all true and even more.  One of my patients had been in an auto accident and had so many bruises that her skin was completely purple.  Her daughter applied the salve to her mother's legs, but first she took a picture of the bruises.  The next morning the bruises were more than half healed, and then another picture was taken.
I use lots of Sweet Valley Herbs Healing Salve in my clinic.  I recommend Sweet Valley Herbs Healing Salve to everyone.
Dr. Carl Glaettli II, DC
Nampa, Idaho

Sweet Valley Herbs Original Healing Salve..I have used this salve from head to toe for open wounds, muscle tissue, skin problems, headaches, sore eyes, nerves, veins, heel bone spurs, in short if it hurts I use the salve. I carry this salve with me always.  
Eva J ~ Sweet Idaho

I was given a jar of the Original Healing Salve from a friend to use on my dog who had ingrown hair follicles and to use on my heel that had a very bad crack on it and within a short time my heel was 100% and feeling great.
The ingrown hair follicles on my dog actually went away also.I will continue to use this salve, it's a great product.

I accidentally burned my cheek with my straightener. It was a pretty bad burn. I was certain it was going to leave a nasty scar right on my face. I decided to try the healing salve on it and see what happened. I used it twice a day for about 10 days and guess what....you can't even tell. Not at all. I was shocked! I am a true believer, a convert, if you will. I really liked the way it made my skin feel as well.
Living in Idaho and enjoying the outdoors year round, from gardening and camping in the summer to snowmobiling and enjoying our wood-stove in the winter, I needed to find some kind of creme that would naturally care for my dry, thirsty skin. For several years I had been looking for a plant-based skin creme that I felt truly nourished my face and hands. After trying many different products, I "accidentally" came across Sweet Valley Herbs Hazelnut Creme and Sunflower Creme. I am a forever customer! I use the creme on my face, neck, and hands before bed and literally take one of the two with me on every outdoor adventure. My skin feels refreshed and ready for each new day. They work great as lip balms, too! 
Colette - Eagle, Idaho