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Pain Sweet it is.


Sweet Valley Herbs is a small homegrown company located in a peaceful little valley with a great view of Squaw Butte just 45 minutes north of Boise, Idaho.

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Herb Infused Oils


Herb Infused Oils


herb -infused oils





Herbal Syrups

Herbal Syrups





Personal Care

Personal Care

Uses & Ingredients

We only use the highest quality ingredients for our products. We only source herbs from reputable companies such as Wholesale Botanicals or Starwest, for example.


We also wildcraft a lot of our herbs, meaning we personally select and gather them using only plants in great abundance in our local area such as yarrow, elderberries, plantain, etc.


We love what we do and  hope it benefits others!


ORIGINAL HEALING SALVE: Put this on from head to toe! This salve has remarkable healing capabilities. Some uses include: Burns, Muscle Pain, Bruises, Abrasions, "Hard to heal" Wounds. Relieves itches. Reportedly helpful for Shingles pain. Disinfectant. Pain relieving qualities ~ can be used safely on babies for the worst diaper rash without pain. Truly a versatile product your medicine kits shouldn't be without. No harsh preservatives, so keep it on the cool side and use up with 8-12 months. Read our reviews for a few faithful users.

Ingredients: Comfrey, Calendula flower, Chaparral, Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, Yarrow flower, grapefruit seed extract, olive oil, beeswax, Essential Oils:  Tea Tree, Peppermint

CAYENNE MINT RUB: Traditionally used on unbroken skin for bruises a specific for muscle soreness & muscle spasm and aching joints as well as swollen lymph. Reportedly helpful for arthritis pain.  Stops itches form insect bites. Useful for congestion relief. Will stop itching of bug and spider bites. Massage therapists report their clients enjoying the long lasting pain relief. Reported helpful for menstrual cramps.


Ingredients: Cayenne powder, grape seed and olive oils, arnica, lobelia, wintergreen oil, beeswax, menthol crystals, MSM

COTTONWOOD BUD SALVE: Healing "Balm of Gilead" for general use.  Chaffing, small sores, sunburn, diaper rash, etc. Convenient 1.7 oz size tin with easy screw top lid

Ingredients:  Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cottonwood Bud Resin, Lanolin and Beeswax

MEND SALVE:  This formula reportedly helpful to repair bone, flesh & cartilage. Added essential oils reduce pain and inflammation. Dr. Christopher has many stories of the near miraculous healing with this formula. Use it regularly & generously for best results. This salve is very soothing & can also be used to relieve chest and throat congestion. Safe for young children. Use generously as needed.

Ingredients: white oak bark, comfrey lf., mullein lf, black walnut lf., marshmallow rt., wormwood, lobelia, skullcap, gravel rt., wheat germ oil, beeswax.  Essential  oils; eucalyptus, peppermint and ginger


EAR RELIEF OIL: Traditionally used to relieve ear aches from hard wax buildup, cold air and mild outer ear infections. Use several drops in ear, stop with cotton and place a warm heat bag on hurting ear. For sinus tilt head and drop oil in nose, snuff up & use topically across sinus area.  For eye problems like minor infections a drop or two and rest with hot or cold pad. For swollen glands, apply around neck area several times daily. If no relief with 24 hours then consult a physician as it may be more serious. Reported helpful on cold sores.

Ingredients: Olive oil, Calendula, Yarrow, Chaparral, Mullein flower, Garlic bud, Tea Tree Oil.

SKIN RELIEF OIL: This healing oil was put together for soothing & healing skin problems. Eczema & psoriasis suffers have given positive reports. Can be used to calm Rosacea. Skin will feel soft and comfortable with regular use.

Ingredients:  Burdock, chickweed, extra virgin olive oil, emu oil,  lavender essential oil.

​HORMONEASE: Glycerin (non-alcohol) tincture of plants with "phytotesterols" to help balance fluctuating hormone levels. Helpful for male and female change of life. Combine with a wholesome, unrefined diet (!eat real food!) to yield best results. 2 oz bottle. Ref:  Dr. Christophers

Ingredients: Black Cohosh Root, Sarsaparilla Root, Eleurthro Root, Licorice Root, False Unicorn Root, Blessed Thistle herb and Squaw Vine herb.



ELDERBERRY SYRUP:  Healthy pancake or dessert topping!! Elderberries give the immune system a boost. Elderberries also help keep excess mucous off the lungs.

Ingredients: Wild Idaho Elderberries, Raw Cane Sugar, Arrow Root (Natural Thickener) and Cinnamon.

COUGH SYRUP: Mild sedative, do not use when driving or operating equipment.  For cough or sore throat take 1/2 to 2 tsps 3 times a day or as needed.  *Disclaimer ~ No health claims made.

Ingredients: Slippery Elm Bark, Valerian Root, Wild Cherry Bark, Licorice Root, Echinacea, Fennel Seed, Cinnamon Bark, Ginger Root, Orange Peel, Distilled Water, Raw Honey, Cherry Concentrate, Glycerin and Brandy.

IMMUNE FORMULA: May be used as a flu and cold preventative tonic or as a cough syrup.  Take 1/2 to 1 Tsp several time as day as needed.  *Disclaimer ~ No health claims made.


Ingredients:  Elderberry & Cherry Juice, Honey, Raw Vinegar, Onion, Garlic, Lemon Juice, Boneset, Lobelia, Greek Oregano, Rosehips, Vegetable Glycerin and Cayenne Powder.


SUNFLOWER CREME: Rich and Nourishing for your skin! Keep in a cool place.  Best if  used within 6 to 9 months of purchase.

Ingredients:  sunflower oil infused with rose petals, purified water, beeswax, emu oil, almond butter, fragrance.

HAZELNUT CREME:  Food for your skin!  Keep in a cool place.  Best if used within 6 to 9 months of purchase.

Ingredients:  hazelnut oil with calendula, emu oil, vitamin E, lavender oil, purified water, beeswax.  

COTTONWOOD BUD CREME:  Also known as "Balm of Gilead"  These fragrant buds have a long historic use. The resin is healing, humectant (holds moisture), some disinfectant qualities, pleasant aroma and has its own build in preservative.  Paired with Olive Oil and Aloe this is a light fragrant lotion.  A little goes a long way. Try it after a bath on clean skin. As with all our natural creams and lotions, keep out of heat and store in a cool place and shake occasionally to preserve their quality. May be helpful for minor skin problems such as sunburn, abrasions, etc. 

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cottonwood Bud Resin, Aloe. Available in 4 oz. bottle. 



TINCTURES:  I have many tinctures available with glycerin, alcohol or vinegar base. Sold in 1 oz bottles. Please call for information and pricing.


CUSTOM ORDERS: If you are in need of a special order not listed please don't hesitate to contact me. If possible I will make custom orders to suite your special needs.  


*Disclaimer ~ FDA has not evaluated the claim and is "not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease".


Aromatic Oil

To whom it may concern: My name is Kerry Ohlinger and I have Plaque Psoriasis. I wanted to tell you about a great product I have experienced. I have had Psoriasis for 3 years now and nothing has worked for me. I didn't want to take the dangerous drugs that Dermatologists put on the market today, so a good friend told me about Sweet Valley Herbs. Once I tried it for a week, morning and night, I got instant relief. No more burning or itching. I have been using this excellent product for 3 months now, and my legs are clear again so I can wear shorts again in summertime.


Thank you for reading and listening to how this product can help you!

Kerry Ohlinger



As I sit here in my easy chair and feel the warmth of the Cayenne Mint Rub over my shoulders, feet, back, and knees the one word that comes to my mind is gratitude. I have had many surgeries over the last four years and they have taken a toll.  With your product I am able to feel reasonably well most of the time. Thank you again for your products and the obvious care with which they are made!


David C. Wilson


Living in Idaho and enjoying the outdoors year round, from gardening and camping in the summer to snowmobiling and enjoying our wood-stove in the winter, I needed to find some kind of creme that would naturally care for my dry, thirsty skin. For several years I had been looking for a plant-based skin creme that I felt truly nourished my face and hands. After trying many different products, I "accidentally" came across Sweet Valley Herbs Hazelnut Creme and Sunflower Creme. I am a forever customer! I use the creme on my face, neck, and hands before bed and literally take one of the two with me on every outdoor adventure. My skin feels refreshed and ready for each new day. They work great as lip balms, too! 


Eagle, Idaho


To whom it may concern: My first experience with using Sweet Valley Herbs Original Healing Salve was approximately 10 years ago. One of Linda's neighbors gave me a container of it, and told me it was good for cuts, bruises, rashes and many other skin problems.  It is all true and even more.  One of my patients had been in an auto accident and had so many bruises that her skin was completely purple.  Her daughter applied the salve to her mother's legs, but first she took a picture of the bruises. The next morning the bruises were more than half healed, and then another picture was taken.

I use lots of Sweet Valley Herbs Original Healing Salve in my clinic.  I recommend Sweet Valley Herbs Original Healing Salve to everyone.



Dr. Carl Glaettli II, DC

Nampa, Idaho


Sweet Valley Herbs Original Healing Salve...I have used this salve from head to toe for open wounds, muscle tissue, skin problems, headaches, sore eyes, nerves, veins, heel bone spurs, in short if it hurts I use the salve. I carry this salve with me always. 

                  Eva J

                  Sweet, Idaho

Herb Plants
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