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Walking in Nature

Herb Walks

Herbal Walks are designed to help you to learn to identify and to know where to find various herbs. We do gather herbs when they are in season and abundant. Areas we cover are Sweet, Brownlee (Sweet), Dry Buck, and High Valley Summit. A short trip would be approximately 2 hours from start to finish. Person attending receives a list of local herbs, characteristics and uses, etc. Suggested items to bring are a thin spiral notebook, scotch tape, pen, comfy shoes, and maybe a hat.


Cost is $45 per adult (Exceptions for Families and Homeschool groups. text or call for clarification.), with discount rates available for groups. The time of year and what needs to be gathered determine where we go to wildcraft.  If you want to just look and identify, the cost is the same. To schedule a walk we need at least 4 participants. Call or text 208-781-0415. Make sure to leave a message. 

Herbal Medicine


Our classes can be indoor or outdoor, and are geared to helping a person gain a basic understanding of how herbs work and how to prepare and use herbs economically for your families. When it comes to herbology there are many things to learn! Perhaps you want to be able to make a basic healing herb-infused salves, lotions or oils from the plants growing near you (wildcrafting), or learn to make liquid medicines and syrups (convenient), or how do you gather & store herbs? Maybe you want to see how herbs can (sometimes) substitute in place of pharmaceutical drugs.


If you want a class, gather a group of like-minded friends (5-10 persons) and we’ll talk about what your needs are and design the class accordingly. You will take home a generous supply of whatever is made and you can also purchase any Sweet Valley Herbs product @ wholesale price on day of class. Cost is $45 and can be combined with an herb walk.

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